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external linkThird SFB - Symposium 2010
    3rd to 4th of September, Vienna
    Program can be found here.

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Third SFB - Symposium 2010
September, Vienna

Symposium 2010

Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to our Third Annual Symposium of SFB35 "Transmembrane Transporters in Health and Disease" in 2010 to be held in Vienna, Austria, 03/04 of September. This symposium brings together transmembrane transporter experts from all over the world to share ideas and exchange thoughts: or, let me put it straight: transport information.

The second Symposium in September 2009 was a great success and we would like to try to continue with our Symposium in 2010 (if you want to get an impression of last years symposium, please take a look at the Symposium 2009 page).

Confirmed speakers:

Elizabeth De Lange, Leiden, Netherland

Gerhard Ecker, Vienna, Austria

Michael Freissmuth, Vienna, Austria

Peter Hinterdorfer, Linz, Austria

Hermann Koepsell, Würzburg, Germany

Adriaan Lammertsma, Amsterdam, Netherland

Oliver Langer, Vienna, Austria

Peter Larsson, Miami, USA

Markus Müller, Vienna, Austria

Maarten E. Reith, New York, USA

Gary Rudnick, New Haven, USA

Kazumitsu Ueda, Kyoto, Japan

Harel Weinstein, New York, USA

It will be the third symposium under the auspices of the Special Research Program SFB35 of the Austrian Science Fund/FWF, and we are convinced that this annual SFB-meeting will again offer you a great program with the latest results in the field of transmembrane transport. We are inviting no more than 100 participants for this meeting anticipating an intimate environment for vivid interactions.  

+++ No admission/registration fees for this symposium, admittance is essentially free. +++

SFB35 "Transmembrane Transporters in Health and Disease" is a network of excellence that brings together research groups located in Austria (in Vienna and Linz) to jointly follow a distinct research program; SFB35 has been initiated to understand the molecular mechanisms of transport activity of both neurotransmitter transporters as well as ABC-transporters/efflux pumps: from structural biology and cell biology to clinics and the drug action – and all the way back from clinical paradigm to basic research.

The regular scientific program will be a variety of opportunities to share scientific knowledge through state-of-the-art plenary lectures, lecture sessions and a poster session. To foster our young scientific colleagues, we will award a number of travel grants.

Furthermore, we plan a "Third Man" theme day introducing you to the mysterious stories around Harry Lime (Sunday afternoon) as well as a guided tour through the historical medicinal collections of the "Josephinum" (Saturday, before Lunch).

Vienna, currently one of the most exciting cities in the world and of highest standards of living, provides the perfect background for this SFB meeting in 2010.

As we are aware of the fact that we cannot reach every colleague please forward this message and attachment to all your colleagues that might be interested to visit.

Come and join us at our SFB symposium 2010. Don’t miss the chance to meet and get in contact with transporter professionals from all over the world.

Sincere Regards,

Harald Sitte; Speaker SFB35
Michael Freissmuth; Deputy Speaker SFB35

"The Third Man" Theme Day

Discover the enigmatic mysteries of Vienna during the time of "The Third Man". We want you to enjoy a revival of the old days - we organized a tour through Vienna consisting of the original Movie "The Third Man" (in original language, directly after Sunday lunch), followed by a visit of the "The Third Man"-Museum and a tour through the canal (the Viennese "Underworld"). Finally, you can join for a typical Viennese Heurigen-Restaurant (including the typical melodies of the Movie…).

Background - The Story

The story is about an American pulp fiction writer, Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten), who arrives in Vienna only to be confronted with the terrible truth that his one-time best schoolfriend Harry Lime (Orson Welles) has just been killed in a car accident, British police officer Major Calloway (Trevor Howard) adding that he was also one of the city's worst racketeers. Refusing to acknowledge Harry's involvement in criminal activities, he sets out to clear his friend's name. The story takes a new turn when Harry's porter tells him of a “third man” present at the time of his friend's death. Convinced that there is something wrong with his friend's accident he becomes determined to solve the mystery. The ensuing quest brings in Harry's dubious Viennese associates, the international police, all sorts of local types and Anna Schmidt, the truthful sweetheart of sinister Harry Lime – who eventually emerges from the darkness of a doorway as the missing “third man”. See also The Third Man.

The Location

When director Alexander Korda sent writer Graham Greene to Vienna to research the city's potential for a suspense-packed story, Vienna was far removed from its popular image of music and good life. It was marred by ghastly ruins, governed by the four victorious powers and policed by an international patrol. It had become a playground of Cold War politics and notorious hub of international espionage. People were destitute and the black market was thriving. The city was packed with refugees many of whom were from Eastern Europe trying, like Anna in the film, to obtain false papers to avoid repatriation by the Soviets. Indeed a perfect backdrop for a tense mystery thriller story!

But Graham Greene wanted more than just cheap entertainment about a man setting out to clear his dead friend's name and himself becoming involved in the city's criminal underworld. Using Vienna as a metapher of a world that had physically and morally fallen into pieces, he made it into a pessimistic story of social, political and moral corruption. It is not only about crime - the ruthless trafficking in penicillin - but also of redemption, not only of friendship but also its betrayal. At the same time he allowed THE THIRD MAN to become a most authentic documentary of Vienna, a microcosm of Cold War politics, which most accurately captures the tension, mistrust and fear so characteristic of post-war Europe . Fact and fiction beautifully amalgamated, with character relationships becoming symbolic of national political relationships.

The movie will last for approximately 1,5 hours. After the movie, we will walk to and visit the "Third Man Museum".

The "third man private collection - 3mpc" is a privately run museum dedicated to the movie classic "The Third Man" shot in Vienna in 1948. Ten rooms illustrate the movie's international success and the daily life in post-war Vienna showing a wide range of originals and documents. This a living collection that grows and grows... The museum is a tribute to Graham Greene, Carol Reed, Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Anton Karas, Trevor Howard and ... Harry Lime!

The guided tour takes about 1 hour.

Then we will set out for a journey back in history to the original location of the "Third Man" directly in the Viennese Canal - Vienna's Underworld. The guided tour takes place seven meters below Karlsplatz (Esperanto Park) and presents a unique insight into the world of the movie and information on the Vienna sewer system and work in the canal.

It will take ½ - 1 hour.

"Typical Viennese Heurigen-Restaurant (to be announced)"

Important Information:

Conference Venue:
Medical University Vienna
Great Lecture Hall,
Institute of Pharmacology
Waehringer Strasse 13a
1090 Vienna

Conference Dates:
The symposium will start at the 3rd of September around 8:00 and end at the 4th of September around 5:30 p.m. So, we recommend arrival in Vienna at least at the evening of the 2nd.

Conference Office:
Traude Kolesnik
Institute of Pharmacology
Waehringer Strasse 13a
1090 Vienna
Tel.: +43-1-4277-64106 (Mo - Fr, 08:00 - 12:00)
Fax: +43-1-4277-9641

Online registration and abstract submission:
Please register online {Registration}: this measure facilitates the planning of the event. In case you plan to present a poster, please send your abstract as word document or pdf-file to

The body of your abstract should be no more than 3,000 characters, including punctuation (not spaces). We recommend aiming for this range as a frame of reference, then counting characters and revising accordingly.

Use standard abbreviations. When using abbreviations for chemical compounds, spell out full for the first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Do not abbreviate compounds in the abstract title. You may include figures and/or references.

Every abstract will be printed in the SFB35 Conference Proceedings.

Organization of Posters:
Dimension of posters are: 90 cm width and 135 cm height.

Official Symposium Dinner:
An official Symposium dinner will take place Friday, the 3rd of September. Please indicate if (i) you will NOT be part of it and (ii) you have special dietary requirements.

Travel grants:
Students may apply for travel grants: please mail (scan) or fax a signed statement from your supervisor regarding your student's status. We will reimburse travel costs and/or hotel costs on an individual basis depending on the length of the journey. Also, if the costs shoot over a certain limit, we will rather reimburse hotel costs because our financial budget is limited. For further details please see

Conference language:

First announcement and Call for Abstracts:
Call for Abstracts opens at the 10th of June, 2010

Deadline: 10th of July, 2010

Deadline for travel grants: 10th of July, 2010

Hotel reservation:

Hotels close to the Institute of Pharmacology are:
Hotel Bleckmann
Hotel Schottenpoint
Hotel Regina
Hotel Atlanta
Arcotel Boltzmann
Hotel Harmonie
Pension Astra
Pension Ani-Falstaff
Students housing: Studentenheim Haus Döbling ( )

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